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The Chatwal, A Luxury Collection Hotel, New York

March 2, 2019

It’s not every day you get to stay in a luxury hotel such as the one The Chatwal New York has to offer. Not only is The Chatwal hotel located in the prime of midtown at 44th street, it is also a pet friendly hotel and evokes luxury feels. Before becoming The Chatwal New York, the iconic Stanford-White designed building at 130 West 44th Street was the epicenter of American theater for the 20th Century.

If I had to describe The Chatwal I would say it is sophisticated, luxe and unforgettable. It’s not a surprise that The Chatwal hotel was voted by Travel + Leisure as one of the top 10 hotels in all of New York City. With only 76 rooms, you’ll feel exclusive staying at this spacious hotel. Everything from the room design to the beds to the closets are perfected for us to breathe in sophistication.

 Staying at the Director’s suite and the Producer’s suite were the two best nights of my life. The Director’s suite offers it’s own kitchen and tea tray with a spacious bathroom. The Producer’s suite had the prettiest staircase that lead us to our own rooftop and believe me the terrace view was breathtaking. The girls and I spent one night just drinking at our own private rooftop and bar. I would definitely recommend staying at this beautiful hotel if you’re looking for accommodation nearby to Times Square.


Bali part 1

January 5, 2019

Good morning from the rice fields of Bali! I finally got around to having enough time to write this during my travels here and I’m so excited to share with you my journey in this beautiful home country of mine! Continue Reading…

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Palm Seaside

December 9, 2018

Last week I talked about my stay at Twinpalms Phuket but today let’s talk about their establishment Palm Seaside Restaurant, Lounge & Bar. Ever since I saw the picture of their beautiful restaurant I knew I wanted to dine here. Lucky for us we had a full influencer dinner planned for us by the owners of Twinpalms Phuket. We had dinner at Palm Seaside before heading to the VIBES Phuket influencer party.  These are some snaps of what we got up to during our dining experience at VIBES Phuket. Continue Reading…


Twinpalms Phuket

December 2, 2018

Towards the end of last year I was invited to attend one of the coolest parties in Phuket – the Vibes Phuket Party. We had the pleasure of flying in and staying at the Twinpalms Phuket resort. Twinpalms Phuket is known to be Phuket’s most exciting and stylish Contemporary Resort. It’s located in a tranquil and exclusive environment which is 175 meters from Surin Beach, 25 minutes away from Phuket International Airport and in the prime location with one of the most beautiful stretches of golden tropical sand. Check out the video below of a birds eye view! Continue Reading…

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Holidays all year

January 7, 2018

The end of the first week of January is fast approaching and all I can think about is how to plan my next holiday and WHEN! For most of us we work a 9-5 job from Monday to Friday. We live for the weekend and spend every moment of the weekday counting down the days till we reach the weekend. Come Friday afternoon you get excited to take off for the weekend but your excitement is shortlived because in the blink of an eye it’s Sunday night and it suddenly sinks in that Monday is only hours away. You dread that feeling of tackling yet another work week. Does that sound familiar? That was me for a very very long time. So what do you have to look forward to? HOLIDAYS Continue Reading…

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Lifehacks NYC edition

December 24, 2017

Everyone knows that living in New York can get very expensive. But the truth is – it doesn’t have to be! There are lifehacks that you can implement to your daily life in New York to avoid feeling like your bank account got assaulted. Unfortunately the only thing I can’t save you from is your rent (and maybe that Chanel bag you’ve been eyeballing for a week), but for everything else – see below Continue Reading…

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The ultimate NYC Ice Cream Guide

December 7, 2017

Who here loves ice cream? Some of my best memories in New York City were times eating ice-cream with friends. I personally can’t get enough of it and together with my love of New York I’ve created the ultimate Ice Cream guide to the big apple. Today’s mini guide will make sure you’re able to hit all the best ice cream joints and get sugared up whenever you’re visiting New York. Continue Reading…

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Ibis Tokyo Shinjuku

September 18, 2017

Tokyo has and always will be one of my favourite cities to visit. If you’re a returning or first time visitor to Tokyo I would recommend you to stay around the Shinjuku or Shibuya area. At my recent trip to Tokyo I chose to stay at Ibis Tokyo Shinjuku which is in the heart of Shinjuku. Continue Reading…

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Arlo SoHo

June 25, 2017

Good morning from the beautiful city of New York. Are you sick of my travels yet? Well I hope not because I’m about to talk to you about my stay at Arlo Soho.

Arlo Hotel Soho has a very different feel to other hotels that I have been to. It gives you that feeling that you’ve been here before. Continue Reading…

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June 14, 2017

Today let’s talk destination weddings. I know some of you are around the same age as me and either have been dreaming of a wedding, just gotten engaged, planning a wedding or have been through your own wedding. No matter which category you’re in let’s take a moment to explore the idea of a destination wedding.

So what really is a destination wedding? A destination wedding is defined as marrying at least 100miles from where the bride currently lives. So imagine the options that definition opens up for you — the world really is your playground. It is also an opportunity for couples to celebrate their marriage at a gorgeous destination of their choosing away from home. You’ll definitely stand out from the crowd.

Continue Reading…

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