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Anti Gravity Class

March 3, 2019

What in the world is anti gravity yoga? I’m sure you’ve seen those trending videos towards the close of last year. It’s those cool looking women who float using silk hammocks. Anti Gravity fitness classes use silk hammocks hanging from the ceiling and involve moves that are worthy of a trapeze artist. Continue Reading…


Olio Kensington Street

February 28, 2019
Tonight I had the pleasure of dining at Olio restaurant located at Kensington Street, Chippendale. This restaurant is located very close by to the Spice Alley precinct and I’m happy to say the food tonight was absolutely delicious. We were invited by the team at SweatyBetty and loved every bit of our experience there. I was excited to finally try Sicilian cuisine!

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Ring Bath Bombs and Ring Candles

December 25, 2018

Recently I was introduced to the world of ring bath bombs (that’s right RING). What is this you may ask? A ring bath bomb is a bath bomb with a hidden ring inside it. It adds just that little bit extra excitement to your bathing experience and makes you want to rush to a bath as we speak. There are also ring candles – same concept different product. With a ring candle it generally takes 2-10 hours of burning the candle before you can take the hidden ring out (or hack it out if like me you don’t have the patience to wait 10 hours). So now that you’re interested – what are the best flavors to try? Below are the top flavours I would recommend based on my experience trying out the Royal Essence products. Continue Reading…

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Palm Seaside

December 9, 2018

Last week I talked about my stay at Twinpalms Phuket but today let’s talk about their establishment Palm Seaside Restaurant, Lounge & Bar. Ever since I saw the picture of their beautiful restaurant I knew I wanted to dine here. Lucky for us we had a full influencer dinner planned for us by the owners of Twinpalms Phuket. We had dinner at Palm Seaside before heading to the VIBES Phuket influencer party.  These are some snaps of what we got up to during our dining experience at VIBES Phuket. Continue Reading…


Body Transformation – Consultation

July 19, 2018

Hi everyone I am back with another transformation journey and this time we are going to talk about my body transformation. I’m excited to be letting you know that I am once again going with Docfinderkorea. For those of you who are new to my blog Docfinderkorea is a medical tourism agency that assists foreigners when they want to get surgery done in South Korea. This service is 100% free of charge (that’s right FREE) and the Docfinderkorea team help you with everything from picking you to/from the airport, providing as much information to help you with your decision, bargaining prices for you, accompanying you the entire journey as well as acting as your personal translator, taking you out on a day tour and providing you with your prescribed medicine.

All of this is included in their service and did I mention it’s FREE? Continue Reading…


Valentines with Blacklane

February 14, 2018

First and foremost – Happy Valentines or Galentines to everyone! It’s finally that time of the year again where hallmark and every single florist shop is raking in on the profits. Every year I like to try something new, last year I tried dining on a ferris wheel and this year I decided I want to try Blacklane’s service.

With a fully licensed driver and a prestige vehicle – you can expect business class service from your chauffeur and what the car offers. 1 Hour prior to pick up time you will receive a text to inform and remind you. It also contains a phone number in which you can contact your driver if you will be running late or early from schedule. Our driver was John and he was very well-mannered. During the ride you can actually recline the chair, watch some TV and open the roof – pretty cool stuff huh? Would you try the Blacklane service? Comment below where you’d love Blacklane to take you.

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Chocolate Massage

January 24, 2018

Imagine being painted from head to toe in a generous layer of chocolate. The scent of chocolate fills the air and seeps into every pore. You can’t taste it but the room breathes and smells of chocolate. It almost feels wrong that I’m not eating all this chocolate and instead it’s being smeared all over my entire body. Continue Reading…

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Holidays all year

January 7, 2018

The end of the first week of January is fast approaching and all I can think about is how to plan my next holiday and WHEN! For most of us we work a 9-5 job from Monday to Friday. We live for the weekend and spend every moment of the weekday counting down the days till we reach the weekend. Come Friday afternoon you get excited to take off for the weekend but your excitement is shortlived because in the blink of an eye it’s Sunday night and it suddenly sinks in that Monday is only hours away. You dread that feeling of tackling yet another work week. Does that sound familiar? That was me for a very very long time. So what do you have to look forward to? HOLIDAYS Continue Reading…


Ring Reveal

January 2, 2018

Ok so a couple of days ago I mentioned I had come across Ring Bath Bombs and Ring Candles (read about it here) and since many of you wanted to see the two rings I received I’m doing a mini post today to reveal them. The candle took around 10 hours before it revealed the ring which was in a small ring sized ziplock bag and then further wrapped in foil for protection against the hot wax. The ring inside the bath bomb was much easier as it was inside a plastic sphere casing. Below are the two rings I received (the left one was the one from the bath bomb which was RRP $250 and the right one was from the candle which was RRP $150) loved both of them as they were both very different but both so pretty. Continue Reading…

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Lifehacks NYC edition

December 24, 2017

Everyone knows that living in New York can get very expensive. But the truth is – it doesn’t have to be! There are lifehacks that you can implement to your daily life in New York to avoid feeling like your bank account got assaulted. Unfortunately the only thing I can’t save you from is your rent (and maybe that Chanel bag you’ve been eyeballing for a week), but for everything else – see below Continue Reading…

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The ultimate NYC Ice Cream Guide

December 7, 2017

Who here loves ice cream? Some of my best memories in New York City were times eating ice-cream with friends. I personally can’t get enough of it and together with my love of New York I’ve created the ultimate Ice Cream guide to the big apple. Today’s mini guide will make sure you’re able to hit all the best ice cream joints and get sugared up whenever you’re visiting New York. Continue Reading…


How to wrap with TK Maxx

November 23, 2017

I hope you’re having a great week because it’s officially 30 nights left before Christmas morning!! How exciting is that? Time flies right? Now the real question is are you ready for Christmas?

Most people think Christmas is about opening gifts and spending time with your family. Now you’re mostly right but most people spend the last few nights leading up to Christmas panicking and not being able to get the correct item for that special gift someone has been requesting. Fear not, I’m here to teach you where to get all the best deals and how to cleverly disguise your gifts via expert wrapping skills.
Continue Reading…

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