Valentines with Blacklane

February 14, 2018

First and foremost – Happy Valentines or Galentines to everyone! It’s finally that time of the year again where hallmark and every single florist shop is raking in on the profits. Every year I like to try something new, last year I tried dining on a ferris wheel and this year I decided I want to try Blacklane’s service.

With a fully licensed driver and a prestige vehicle – you can expect business class service from your chauffeur and what the car offers. 1 Hour prior to pick up time you will receive a text to inform and remind you. It also contains a phone number in which you can contact your driver if you will be running late or early from schedule. Our driver was John and he was very well-mannered. During the ride you can actually recline the chair, watch some TV and open the roof – pretty cool stuff huh? Would you try the Blacklane service? Comment below where you’d love Blacklane to take you.

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