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The ultimate NYC Ice Cream Guide

December 7, 2017

Who here loves ice cream? Some of my best memories in New York City were times eating ice-cream with friends. I personally can’t get enough of it and together with my love of New York I’ve created the ultimate Ice Cream guide to the big apple. Today’s mini guide will make sure you’re able to hit all the best ice cream joints and get sugared up whenever you’re visiting New York.

1. Ice and Vice (photo by Ice and Vice)

Everyone knows this is the most creative if not the best ice cream joint in New York City. If you get the chance you should definitely hit up Ice and Vice. The creators of this shop are clearly geniuses and have figured out the magical combination to ice cream domination! Some of the flavors that you find here are down right outrageous and trust me when I say that’s the good kind of outrageous. There are no limits to Ice and Vice and not only does it taste good it’s also highly instagrammable!

2. Taiyaki (photo by Taiyaki)

Taiyaki evokes cute and instagram-worthy. A unicorn shaped soft serve placed on top of a fish shaped waffle? Need I say more! But unicorns aren’t the limit to Taiyaki’s combinations, if you don’t like unicorns you can opt for some mochi sticks or wafer sticks instead (but let’s be honest, UNICORNS?, sign me up!) Whoever thought of this combo is clearly a genius and knows what’s good!

3. Oddfellows (photo by Oddfellows)

Oddfellows has a fun program that first started in October 2016. It’s called the Oddfellows Passport Program and from October till February you’ll be able to indulge in unique flavors influenced by 5 different continents. Have you tried this out? This year is their second year of the Passport Program so make sure not to miss out because there’s only less than 2 months left of this!

4. Soft Swerve

My good friend Stephanie of DivenireMe recommended me to visit soft swerve as it was one of her favorite dessert places in NYC. Admittedly we walked a long way to get to Soft Swerve and possibly got lost a few times but boy was the trek worth it. The smooth and creamy soft serves were served on a black chocolate cone (you can opt for a red classic cone instead if you don’t like the black chocolate). Ube is clearly the new vanilla ! I recommend getting Ube soft serve on a cone with toasted coconut, marshmallows and freeze-dried strawberries.

5. Eggloo

Okay so this is really more egg puff (hong kong style) than ice cream but nevertheless I feel this really should make it on the list due to it’s unique beauty. You can pretty much decorate it however you like and the price will be the same so decorate to your heart’s content. Eating one of these will instantly transport you to the streets of Hong Kong.

What do you think of this Ice Cream guide for New York. Would you like to hear more New York guides? Let me know in the comment which one of these ice creams you would try during your visit to New York City.

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