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May 14, 2016

In Collaboration with Review

I’m so excited to tell you that I’m a Review Girl! The brand Review Australia has been one of my favorite go-to places to shop for my work outfits. As some of you may or may not know fashion blogging is not my full time job (although sometimes it can feel that way). My full time job is in Finance and that requires me to have a full wardrobe of trendy work outfits.

Do you remember watching Gossip Girl? My favorite character of all time was Blair Waldorf and I absolutely loved her fashion style head to toe! What I love about Review is that when you wear their clothes it lets you channel your inner Blair! It’s the perfect feminine and chic vibe.

Review Australia has launched their new phone App which lets your easily navigate and shop their collection on the run. If your life is anything like mine this App will save you tonnes of time. I had a quick look last week at their Autumn range and it features amazing deep palettes of burgundy and cobalt softened with neutrals. It’s the perfect romantic Victorian style glamour with an added modern elegance to it.

Today I visited the new Bondi Junction Review store and I’m wearing my two favorite pieces from their Autumn range: The Snow Bunny Cape and The Kamika Pants. The Snow Bunny Cape is something that caught my eye straight away. It features a cape look but you still have pockets to put your hands inside incase it’s cold. The fur bits are detachable and it’s the perfect unique cape or coat for winter.You can’t see it here but the Kamika Pants have this amazing button detail that just scream out Sailor style!

Mandy new 113 Normal

Mandy new 092 VSCO

Review Snow Bunny Cape
Review Kamika Pant

Shot by Pat on the Back Images

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