Metalicus x Mandy Arisa

May 10, 2016

In Collaboration with Metalicus

In celebration of Wool Week this week I’m showing you the most comfortable and cosy wool item I currently own in my wardrobe. Of course I’m talking about the Gina Collection by Metalicus.

This collection is not only comfortable it’s also aesthetically pleasing. The Gina Collection is made from a premium wool blend that is exclusive to Metalicus and the Australian market. Cool right?

The Gina Long Sleeve Cardigan I’m wearing is not only lightweight but warm, it’s also machine washable and feels breathable. It comes in 4 colors and is defined by merino wool ultra, a luxurious next generation yarn.

What’s your most comfortable winter staple item?

Mandy new 102

Mandy new 104

Metalicus Gina Long Sleeve Cardigan
Metalicus Skirt
NA-KD Tie up Top
NA-KD Shoes

Shot by Pat on the Back Images


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