Orange Crush

April 1, 2016

In Collaboration With Marcs

I’ve been seriously crushing on some bright colors lately and especially neon orange. Although I love a bit of colors I can’t quite let go of the safety of my oh-so-lovable black-themed clothing. So here’s how I got the best of both worlds.

With the weekend right around the corner (YAY to a 4 day working week this week) there are some essential go-to pieces I just have to have with me all the time.

  1. A classic black handbag !
    Everyone knows a girl needs to bring her whole life everywhere she goes and with that we need an amazing tote to go with it! My favorite is the Lolita Tex Leather Shopper from Marcs as it’s super light and conveniently fits everything I need to get me through the day (phone, makeup, diary).
  2. A staple skirt !
    The importance of having staple pieces in your wardrobe is crucial to every girl. When you have a fashion staple you can wear it for many occasions in many different ways. For many that’s the little black dress but for me I love my skirts! This Marcs Tweed Skirt (similar here and here) is perfect for me because it accentuates my legs and I can wear it casually with a flowy top like below, have a formal blouse tucked in or even a fancy crop top. The best feature is that it has the black tones with little details of neon colors such as pink, orange, green and yellow. This means I can essentially wear it with any of the above said colors and it would be a completely new outfit!
  3. Great shoe game !
    Every girl has a collection of something (be it bags, jewellery or art). For me it just happens to be SHOES! I’m such a big fan of platform heels or platform anything so it didn’t take a second thought for me to get these amazing Windsor Smith platform boots! They are super comfortable and give me that added height boost.

What’s your favorite must have essentials?

This picture was taken at Cockatoo Island and if you want to see more of the places I visit don’t forget to check out #MarcsStreetView or even better join in the fun! If you missed out on last weekend’s sale don’t forget to shop at Marcs as they have 20% OFF bags, shoes and accessories as well as 60% OFF for a lot of their stock! Click the link HERE!
Mandy 082_hq

Marcs Lolita Tex Leather Shopper
Marcs Tweed Skirt (similar here and here)
Carla Zampatti Orange Blouse
Windsor Smith Shoes

Shot by RichTeaMedia360 and Pat on the Back Images


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